Change of Ownership

What is a Change of Ownership?

Change of ownerships occur often and it's important to make sure we meet the needs of both the existing owner and the new owner. To do this we have two surveys that need to be completed. One is filled in by the existing owner and one is filled in by the new owner.

Starting off the process

First we need to confirm with the existing owner if a there is in fact a change of ownership. Once confirmed we'll need to send the surveys below to the existing owner and the new owner.

The new owner:  

The current owner:

When do I proceed?

We can only begin the change of ownership once both surveys are completed.

Where do they go?


Never CLEAR CHECKLIST at the bottom left of the checklist when you do Change of Ownerships.

Only click on CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP and add the e-mail addresses.   This will clear MOST of the checklist, but not everything. (it will  leave dates next to QC and Invoicing).

Change of ownership surveys are added to the Sales Trello. The New Owner card is kept on the Sales Trello, The Old Owner card needs to be archived.

Allocating of Change Of Ownerships

Change Of Ownerships are handed out by the Sales Manager or Team  Leaders. The information captured in the surveys will be added to Touch.

Checks to be completed

1) Do they owe us money, if yes, who will be settling the outstanding balance?

2) Is there a Payment Gateway linked?, If yes, will they be applying for their own?

When the Change Of Ownership is applied in the checklist the password  doesn't automatically reset! Make sure the password reset is done when  the checklist is set. You can ask a Manager, Team Leader or a Technician  to reset the password in the event of an emergency.

Is the property currently on PayBridge?

N.B!!! This has to be done on the day the change of ownership  occurs, as the old owner would still need to receive payments made to  them while they are in charge of the property.

If the property is with PayBridge, confirm with the new owner if they would like to continue using PayBridge or not. When there is a change of ownership, we require the new owners to re-apply with PayBridge to check whether they are good payers.

  • Should the new owner want to use PayBridge, set the PayBridge Interest Checklist to Yes and send a followup to Melanie.
  • If the new owner doesn't want to use PayBridge, you'll need to send Melanie a followup requesting PayBridge to be removed.

The current contact details can be viewed under the gateway section on their support page.

Requesting QC

On the checklist there will already be a date of previous QC which we can't remove.  Therefore please send the QC consultant an e-mail or follow-up to request a QC for a Change of Ownership.


The new owner needs to go through the terms of use, view the sites  they are currently connected to and the payment methods through the  respective sites. This way, there are no surprises for them when a  booking occurs with deductions on payment or commission owed to the  sites. It will also indicate to them which sites they are currently  linked to through us.

The new owner should follow up with the partners to advise there  is a change of ownership for the channels record purposes, and to go  through training if applicable.

If the property would like to be removed from a respective  partner site, either action it on your side or advise them to cancel  with the channel directly.


N.B!!! Do not remove the old owner's contact details without  saving it as a contact, in case we need to get hold of them for payment  or any other queries. 

Remember to update the contact information in touch for the new owner, as well as storing the old owner's contact information on the day of transfer.

1. Add the old owner info to Touch as a new contact.

2. In the DESIGNATION field input “Previous Owners”

3. Update Touch with the new owner’s details.

4. If there is a different person who will pay the invoice and/or managing the account, remember to capture that in touch.  


When change of ownerships occur the clients account is generally on an older version or could potentially have an existing integration to a PMS. Below is a guideline on what steps to follow.

Version 5

If the client has a stable internet connection you can request the account to be upgraded to BridgeIT on the Technical Trello. If not you can upgrade the account to Version 6.

Version 6

If the client has a stable internet connection you can request the account to be upgraded to BridgeIT on the Technical Trello. If not you can leave the account on Version 6, however, make sure it's on the latest version. Simply run an upgrade and synchronise for it to be updated.

Nsynch / BridgeSynch / BridgeConnect

Confirm if they'll continue using their existing PMS.

If yes,  ask if they'll be moving it over to any new computers. If yes, escalate to Technical.

If no, are they moving over to a new PMS or will they just be using NigthsBridge. You'd then need to escalate to technical to do either a de-integration and a new integration or setting their existing database to be upgraded to BridgeIT.