E-mail Rules

  • If you are the first recipient in the list - deal with the email.
  • If you have been CC'd or if you are one of many of your colleagues  included in a mail - IGNORE IT (unless you are the first/only "To"  recipient).

We are doing this in order to prevent any overlap in work that is  done. We should NEVER have 2 or more consultants dealing with the same  email at the same time. We are all very busy at the moment and so your  time is as valuable as ever.

How many times have you received an email from a client where  they had emailed you, as well as multiple other people? Whether they had  CC'd multiple NightsBridge colleagues or the channels or their IT  Technician etc, it's important that we know when we should be acting on  something and where we should not.

If you see that you had received an email with multiple  recipients, a lot of the time you might find that the issue had since  been dealt with by your colleagues or by a channel/technician. If you  would proceed with investigating yourself when someone else has already,  or is in the process of investigating - then you are wasting your time.