Changing the made-by to a different client

You might have a situation where you need to change the client is is making the booking. This might happen where you have accidentally captured the wrong client when you made the booking, or the booking is being allocated to someone else.

Click on the change client button

Search for an existing client

BridgeIT - Mozilla Firefox

If you are choosing an existing client all you will need to do is type in any of the search criteria above (1) and then the client will appear below (2).

Click on the client to change the Made-By.

If you adding a new client, click on add new client button

Capture the new client's details

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This is where you'll need to put in the client details such as their name, surname, and contact detials.

Save the details

BridgeIT - Mozilla Firefox

Check to see if the details have updated(1) and save the booking (2).