How do I generate a report?

At the end of the month, you  might want to know how many bookings you had for the month, how many  payments you've recorded or who still owes you money.

There are a couple of very useful reports in BridgeIT that will help make this easier for you to do.

Open the NightsBridge calendar (PCBridge)

Click here for a tutorial explaining how to open the NightsBridge calendar (PCBridge).

Click on the "Reports" tab on the top-left.


Select the report


If you want to see an explanation of all the different reports that we currently offer, please click here.

Choose the dates


You then have the option to select the date-range that you want to pull the report for.

For a custom date, click on the calendar button on the From and To fields to pick the date from the drop-down menu.

Click on "Run Report"


Once you have selected your dates, click on Run Report.

Your report will open.

Your report will open in Microsoft Excel. You can click on the down-arrow next to each item to Sort or Filter the report.