What is an "Early Bird" special rate override?

This tutorial will explain what an Early Bird Special Rate Override is and when you would want to use it.

The "Early Bird" Special Rate Override is a type of override that you can setup.

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When would I need to use this special rate override?

If you would like to override your rates for guests who are booking far in advance, you should use this feature.

It allows you to increase or decrease your rates for people who are booking more than a set amount of days or months away. This could be useful if you would like to offer early bookers a special rate so that you can start filling your rooms with bookings early on.

What are the periods of validity?

This special rate override only apply if someone is booking more than the set amount of nights before arrival.

If you setup an early bird override with 30 days as the requirement, the guest has to set their arrival date 30 days or more from today. However, if the guest is trying to book for 29 days or less from today, then the override will not apply.