How do I create an STO rate sheet?

The following steps will detail the steps to take in creating an STO rate sheet. When adding an STO you will also have an option to discount your current rack rate by adding the percentage.

Click on STO rate sheet under advanced options

Click on add to add a new STO.

Add a rate sheet name and cancellation policy

To get started you will need to 1.) enter the STO rate sheet name e.g (STO 15) and then 2.) Use your default policy will pull through your current cancellation policy that was setup under step 4: booking and deposit policy.

Populate the discounted rate

You will have an option discount your current rack rate which you have setup under step 3: setup rates. Once you have done that select the rooms and click on set rates

Add rates for selected room types or pull the rates from the rack rate.

If you are wanting to discount your current rack rate, all you will need to do is click on Pull in rates and the rate will pull through. If not then you will need to manually enter the amount.

Publish all saved changes.

Once rates have been added to all applicable Room Types, Save and Close accordingly until back at the Main Menu.

Now press Publish to ensure that all new changes/additions are saved and applied.

Please note: If you make changes to your existing RACK rates, the STO will not automatically change.