How to upload room type images using the Image Uploader?

The purpose of the image management feature is to allow users to manage their room type, property and banner images from one central location. The image uploader links directly to the image uploader on MobiBridge giving users the option to either do it on their mobile or You will also be able to add better quality pictures which will reflect on your Nightsbridge booking form. The purpose of the image uploader is to load photographs you would like to appear on your booking form. You will now have the flexibility to add new Room Type pictures with tags to your new Booking form.

The image uploader can be accessed through your NB setup in the blue banner next to Menu.  

Open NB setup and click on Image Uploader

In order to get to the image uploader you will need to

1. Open your NB setup

2. Click on Image Uploader

Click on Room type photos

Click on "Room Type Photos" and then upload 4 photos for each category (Bed, Bedroom Interior, Bedroom Interior, Bathroom).

For room type images, please make sure that you have a photo of each of the following

  • Bed
  • Bedroom interior x2
  • Bathroom

Add photograph and description

To add the picture you will need to

1. To add the photograph you can either drag and drop it into the designated area, or click on Select Photo to choose it from where it is saved.

2. Select the description of the picture you have uploaded from the dropdown options

3. Once you have added the picture you can not delete or remove it. In order to change it you will need to replace the picture.

The absolute minimum photos that are required are 10 property photos and 4 photos per room type.

Image Uploader - Mozilla Firefox

When adding the photos please make sure that the below requirements are followed  

  • Photo sizes must be 1024 x 768,
  • Minumum of 4 Room Type photos,
  • Minimum of 10 Property photos. 

Select the subcategory

Image Uploader - Mozilla Firefox

You will need to select the category to tag the photo which is required by our channels.

Image Uploader - Mozilla Firefox

Once the photograph was added and saved, you will see it in the main gallery.

You can now continue to add more photos if needed.

All photographs added on the Image Uploader will reflect on your NightsBridge booking form.

After you've uploaded your photos, you can;

  • Rearrange the photos if you want to change the order. Click here to view how.
  • Delete a photo if you've made a mistake. Click here to view how.