NightsBridge 6 (Web Setup)Working with Partner Sites & Online Booking Managing BookingsHow do I mark a booking from as a no show on NightsBridge?

How do I mark a booking from as a no show on NightsBridge?

In this tutorial, we will explain how to mark a booking which has been made on as a no show in your NightsBridge Owner's Login (WebView), using the reporting features.

Click here for a tutorial explaining how to log into the NightsBridge Owner's Login (WebView).

Click on Extranet Features under the Bookings menu

You will need to click on the button

You will now need to select "Invalid credit Card &No Show"

Enter the NightsBridge (NBID)

The booking will open underneath the search fields

Click on No Show

** NB! ** This option is only valid and the button will only appear after the day of arrival.

The button will be removed 2 days after departure, e.g. if the departure date of the booking is on 15/10/2016, the button will be removed on 18/10/2016.

Click on Yes

The booking will be reported to as a No Show

A pop-up window will appear to alert you if has been successfully notified that the booking is a No Show.

Please note: will send the guest an email to confirm with them whether or not they actually stayed at your property.

The booking will then be cancelled on and NightsBridge will send you an email to notify you of this.