Dealing with a Split-Leg booking

You might at some point receive an e-mail from us about a booking that could not be entered into your calendar properly.

We call this a split-leg booking.

How do I solve this problem?

How Do I Solve This Problem?

OPTION 1: See if you can shuffle your calendar to open up space for the guest to stay on in one room for his/her whole stay

If you are using a PMS, please remember to free up the room that it was automatically booked in to & synchronise so the booking can enter into your PMS.


OPTION 2:  Get the guest to agree to switch rooms during their stay (that is, spend night(s) in one room and other night(s) in another room).

See below for more details.

How does a Split-Leg booking happen?

How Does a Split-Leg Booking Happen?

Extranets you are connected to (like etc) can only see your room types, and not your physical rooms under each of the types.  

When a guest searches for accommodation on these sites it shows that you have availability for the period, and the site sends the booking through.

In this example the guest wanted to stay in a double room for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

On your calendar however:

Although you have availability in double rooms for this guest over this period, the availability is split between different rooms.

So you have availability for this guest on Monday in Room 3, on Tuesday in Room 2 and on Wednesday in Room 1.

Dealing with a Split-Leg booking - Option 1

Dealing with a Split-Leg Booking - Option 1

OPTION 1: See if you can shuffle your calendar to open up space for the guest to stay on in one room for the length of his/her stay

If this is not possible - Option 2

OPTION 2: Call or e-mail the guest to advise that he/she will have to move to another room during the stay. (Maybe something along the lines of ‘During your 3 night stay you will have to move rooms once, we will do most of the moving for you to save you the inconvenience, but we wanted you to be aware of this beforehand.')

Most of the time a guest will have no issue with moving rooms if you will do the moving for them. It is important that he/she knows about it before arrival though.

Option 3: Booking cancellation

If the guest refuses to move rooms or is not happy with the option, we advise the following:

OPTION 3: Booking cancellation -

It is VERY IMPORTANT to ask the guest to please cancel the booking on the website it was made (eg. etc). Try not to get involved in the cancellation of the booking or you will get charged with commissions and relocation fees. It must be the client cancelling directly with the site they booked on.

Important to Remember

Split-leg bookings are an important way of filling up the last open rooms, it maximises your occupancy and increases your revenue.

NightsBridge will always notify you of split-leg bookings through a mail as described in the introduction.

Our support team is always ready to help should you still have any more questions.