How do payments work? is an international accommodation booking site. offers the below payment options

On, you will have selected to receive payment via EFT/bank transfer and/or Credit Card.

1.   EFT/Bank Transfer

  • Send your banking details directly to the guest. does not send your banking details to the guest on your behalf.
  • Check your bank statement for payment.
  • Contact the guest directly if no payment has been received.


2.   Credit Card

  • If your payment gateway is linked with NightsBridge, the deposit will be deducted as per the deposit policy in your NightsBridge setup. Please ensure that the same is setup on
  • If you have a credit card machine, the credit card details will be sent to you. You can find credit card details on the Owner's Login. Click here for a tutorial on how to access the credit card details.
  • accepts the following credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Diner's Club.
  • Even if you do not accept American Express and Diner's Club credit cards,'s company policy allows guests to book with these credit cards. You can request alternative card details from the guest after the booking has been made.
  • If you haven't received a CVC number, please check your extranet to ensure that you haven't selected that a guest can book without a CVC number.
  • All payment and booking queries should be directed to will invoice you for commission directly, as agreed upon sign-up, at the end of each month. 


3. is now able to do Virtual Card.

This means you'll occasionally receive bookings with virtual credit card details attached.
Payment is guaranteed, and you can charge this virtual card according  to the date in the confirmation email. For non-refundable reservations,  this is the same day, while for other reservations it is usually the  date of check-in. Virtual Card bookings are dependant on what the guest  selects on the front end.

  • How will it work?
    Guest books and pays for their reservation on loads the money onto a virtual credit card and sends this to you  You receive the virtual credit card details with the reservation.
  • What is a virtual credit card?
    A virtual credit card is actually just a digital version of a MasterCard. You will receive the details with the reservation, just as you normally would, and can charge the card the same way you would remotely  charge any other card.

The virtual credit card can be charged as of the date included in the booking confirmation, and they will take care of modifications or refunds so there's no hassle on the properties side.

  • What if the guest cancels or changes their reservation?
    If your guest cancels their reservation, the property will be able to charge the cancellation fee right away. The same goes for no-shows. And the payment is always guaranteed.

For any issues and more information the property should reach out to directly. 

 Alternatively Click here.