Finding Credit Card details - Common issues

In this lesson, we will cover some of the FAQ for finding credit card details.

When you click the search button after entering the NightsBridge booking ID, and the mail has not come through, please do a send and receive / get mail in your email program.

There might be a delay when the mail travels through all the different internet companies before it reaches your inbox, but you will receive the mail. We have done many tests and the automated mail with the pin definitely works.


After you search the booking ID...

- DO NOT CLOSE THE OWNER'S LOGIN when you lookup the pin in your inbox.

- Minimize web page and then go into your inbox to fetch the pin.

- Once you have copied the pin in your inbox, go back to the owner's login and paste the pin in the field displayed.

Closing the Owner's Login will mean you have to search for the card details again which will create a completely new pin.

If you are using an online email program such as gmail or yahoo, rather (1) open a new tab in your web browser and (2) then log into your inbox to get the pin. This way, the owner's login is still open and you don't have to go back and forth.

3. Why is the pin not working?

The pin is only valid for 15 minutes after you have clicked on search for that particular booking. Only click on search once. Every time you click on search, a new pin is created and the only pin will no longer work.

1. When copying the pin, please only copy the pin number .

2. Paste the pin in the "enter pin" field display in your owner's login.

Please note: DO NOT COPY the word pin or the the colon as this will not work.

How to Copy:

Hold down crtl+c on your keyboard or right click on your mouse and choose copy.

How to Paste:

Hold down crtl+v on your keyboard or right click on your mouse and choose paste.

4. Why can't I get into the Owner's Login?

With NightsBridge becoming PCI compliant, we had to increase the security of our servers to ensure that the card details are protected. Older internet browsers will have an issue going into the Owner's Login, as they are not on the latest standards, and not secure.

If you have an older browser, you will also have trouble accessing other secure websites that are on the latest security standards.

Most internet browsers automatically update, but you can click on our link below which will assist with upgrading your web browser (internet explorer, google chrome, mozilla firefox, etc).

Updating Browser

Please note: If you are having problems getting onto the owner's login on your smartphone or tablet, you will need to update the operating software on your mobile device, or download a different browser. Some of our clients on android (Samsung Galaxy, etc) have downloaded google chrome, if their standard "internet" icon could not get onto the Owner's Login.  

5. Why am I receiving a message saying credit card not found?

5. Why am I receiving a message saying credit card not found?

There could be a number of reasons for this:

1. You are searching the wrong booking ID.

When searching, do not enter the booking ID from the partner site (1) or your BBID (2). You need to enter the NightsBridge booking ID ( see point 3 above) to view the card details for the booking.

2. NightsBridge did not receive any card details for that booking.

3. The card details were sent to NightsBridge before we were PCI compliant.

We can only display card details after we encrypted the them i.e. we will only display card details in the owner's login for bookings made after the 12th of September 2015 onwards.