Split Leg Booking Confirmation - What to Do?

You will receive an e-mail stating:

You have received a multi day booking from Booking.com which we couldn't enter into your system properly. Although you have the rooms free for the same Room Type, the free nights are spread across more than one room.

How will it appear in your system?

It might appear in your system as if it is a double booking, however, you should be able to shuffle your existing bookings around to free up the space.

What if you can't move the other bookings?

If you can't move the other bookings, you can accommodate the guest by breaking this booking into separate legs for different nights.

However we do advise you contact the client (phone or email, address available on Booking.com) at the time of booking to give them the choice.

If they are happy to move rooms during their stay that's great, if not they should cancel the booking through Booking.com immediately.

Any further problems?

Please contact NightsBridge if you need assistance: +27 (0)21 790 9910.