The Below are some of the frequently asked questions relating to

Why is my property not online and bookable?

Should your property still not be live and bookable on, it might be because we still need to click here:

If you recently signed up with, use your log-in details to check your sign-up status on the Home tab of your Extranet. If you're already working with, check these tips to see what you need to do to get your property online and bookable :

1. Do you have availability in Nightsbridge?

Settings such as close-outs, minimum stays and bookings can influence your availability on Please check that your availability is correct by doing a test booking on your NightsBridge Booking form as well as Publish your Nightsbridge setup to flush all new data in Nightsbridge.

2. If you can't see your property in the search results, check your minimum length of stay restriction, then try searching again.

3. Did you upload photos to your page? can't show properties online without a selection of quality images.

4. Make sure you don't have any outstanding invoices from This info can be found under the Finance Tab.

Why was the guest not aware that I take the deposit payment automatically? screen may state that no payment will be deducted. However, there is fine print that many guests overlook when they do the booking that says that some guesthouses will deduct the deposit automatically depending on their internal payment system.

I take 100% deposit for one-night stays. Can I set this up on does not have the option to indicate that the full amount will be charged for one-night stays . They can only set up one deposit policy;  for example, a 50% deposit on the day of booking. It is recommended that you enter a standard phrase in the important information brochure to show that the property will charge the full amount for one-night stays . This is done upon request through your inbox in your Extranet or alternately, you can contact them on 021-681 2520.

How do I report a cancellation or a no-show?

It is recommended that guests must cancel bookings directly with Cancellations MUST BE REPORTED if the property wants to avoid paying commission. Cancellations need to be reported to their Customer Service Team before the check-in date. After this date, it would need to be reported as a no-show.

The customer service department can only cancel a booking upon request/confirmation from the guest directly.

If a guest contacts the hotel directly to cancel the booking, the hotel must direct the guest to the Customer Service Department. 

However, should the guest be unable to do so, the hotel can also contact the Customer Service Department to cancel a booking on behalf of the guest. 

I have received a modification email. What do I do?

You need to log in to your Extranet to see what has been modified and manually update the changes on Nightsbridge.

I received a booking from but the rate is incorrect. Why?

If the booking has children and/or additional guests (3 pax and above), please check your Child Rates and Derived Rates (ie: price for 3rd pax and above) as this is set directly on 

I received a booking from but the email address is cut off. emails addresses for their guests are limited to 47 characters. NightsBridge can only deliver 40 characters. The end of the email address will always be: