Security OTP Management

The following tutorial will show the steps to take in updating who gets to view credit card details for a booking, and view or change your banking details.

Log in to your Owner's Login.

Click on Owner's Login on the top-right of the NightsBridge website.

Enter your BBID and Password.

Open Security OTP under settings.

On the menu hover over the "Settings" menu item, then click on "Security OTP" in the dropdown.

Generate a code to access the settings.

Read the instructions carefully.

Once happy, choose whether to get the code via email or text (SMS) then click on "Generate Code".

Get and enter the OTP (One Time Pin).

Check your email or phone for the One Time Pin, depending on your choice from the above step.

Enter the One Time Pin in the Security Code text box, then click "GO".

NOTE: the OTP is only valid for 15 minutes.

Edit the contact details.

Update the email addresses and/or phone numbers applicable to each section.

You can update:

  1. Banking Details - Who gets OTP if bank details need to be changed or edited.
  2. Credit Card Details - who the credit card details for bookings are sent to.
  3. OTP Management - who the OTP is sent to for changing these settings.

Click on "Save" once happy with the updated information.