How do I change my Owner's Login password?

In this lesson:

- Learn how to change your establishment password for your Owner's Login (WebView) only.

Note: If you change the password here, it will not remove the Admin password. Should you wish to change your Admin password, please contact NightsBridge.

Go to your Owner's Login.

On your internet browser, go to

Click on Owner's Login on the top right hand side.

Enter your login details.

Enter your BBID and password then click on Login.

These were supplied to you by Nightsbridge. If you do not have these on hand, please contact NightsBridge.

Go to "Change Password" under "Settings" on the menu.

  1. Hover over/click on "Settings" on the menu.
  2. Click on Change Password.

Enter your new password.

Type in your old password and then the new password in twice.

Click on "Update".